Why women want to look 'skinny but shapely'

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London, Dec 13 (ANI): A professor has indicated that women are always concerned about their weight and they keep looking into every possible option to lose few pounds.

"In our interviews with women aged 16 to 63, we found that all ages wanted to be "skinny but shapely", and most wanted to lose half a stone irrespective of actual size," the Daily Mail quoted Professor Sarah Grogan, author of such books as 'Body Image: Understanding Body -Dissatisfaction In Men, Women and Children,' as saying.

"Women found it easy to tell us what they disliked about their bodies but much harder to think of what they liked.

"Most said that they would be more confident if they lost weight. None of the women who took part in our interviews (even those who were, objectively, very thin) said they wanted to gain weight," Grogan added.

"We live in a culture where slimness for women is linked with all kinds of positive characteristics," explained Grogan, "including self-control, elegance, attractiveness and youth."

Indeed, studies have shown that not only are slim people considered more attractive and likely to do better in job interviews and work situations, they are also less likely to be convicted of crimes, and, if convicted, likely to receive lighter punishments.

A study by the University of Florida found that women who weighed 25lb less than the norm earn around 9,770 pounds more than average-weight women.

And, according to German research conducted over 24 years, how much we weigh affects our emotions more than our love life does. (ANI)

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