'Dental Facelift' promises to make you look up to 10 years younger!

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London, Dec 13 (ANI): A pioneering new non-surgical technique, which promises to not only give you a perfect set of teeth, but also restructure the face to make it look up to ten years younger, has been dubbed as the 'Dental Facelift' in the U.S.

This four-step procedure involves manipulating of veneers, which are widely used by cosmetic dentists to fix wonky, chipped or discoloured smiles. The thin layers of porcelain are placed over the upper and lower teeth to subtly reshape the face.

The changes in our mouth as we grow older can be just as instrumental in effecting how we look.

"Our teeth play a major role in the framework of the face," the Daily Mail quoted Dr Mervyn Druian from the London -Centre for Cosmetic Dentistry - the first to offer what he calls, the Non-Surgical Smile Lift in Britain, as saying.

"However, as we age the teeth wear down and the jaw recedes, leading to the facial height [the area between the nose and chin] decreasing and the lower part of the face dropping. All this causes the facial -proportions to change and you get a -slackened appearance."

Those who offer dental facelifts say they are breaking new ground in cosmetic dentistry and anti-ageing.

"Veneers can be used to lift the whole face,' said Druian.

"For example, by placing veneers on the back molars, I can widen the upper arch of the face, which plumps out the cheeks giving them a more heightened appearance."

Then you've got the side of the mouth, which tends to look dark and droopy.

"Applying veneers here, can widen the smile, making it appear brighter, while discretely lifting up the corners of the lip," he said.

Some experts say the procedure is not risk-free.

Essentially this is another fad, warns Dr Irfan Ahmad, a renowned expert in aesthetic dentistry.

"Having a treatment like this is a serious decision with serious consequences. The irreversible damage done by grinding natural teeth is permanent. It may have a subtle effect on lips and cheeks for someone who has missing teeth, but for the majority of people not affected in this way, you may want to look at alternative treatments before parting with thousand of pounds."

The dental facelift doesn't come cheap, at a cost of around 6,000 pounds upwards, but devotees insist it will give you a smile that lifts your whole face. (ANI)

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