Nano technology is the future

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Bengaluru, Dec 10: The Third Bangalore Nano 2010 organized by The Department of IT, BT and S&T, Government of Karnataka under the guidance of Vision Group on Nanotechnology saw eminent speakers voice their opinions on Nano technology.

Many noted speakers said that nano technology has te ability to enhance the efficiency of various processes in energy production. As a substitute to naturally available fuels, nano technology can enhance alternative energy resources and efficiently tapping energy from wind, gases, solar cells etc.

The speakers also noted the vast potential India has to offer citing that the country has 60,000 MW wind power potential in India, but is not using even 12,000 MW because of several issues from production to storing. the depleting fossil fuels.

Chairing the session, Mr Puneet Mehrotra, Director, Nano Science & Technology Consortium, said, "Many application areas of nanotechnology can benefit energy sector, whether it is nano optimized fuel cells or efficient solar cells. In energy storage, reducing transmission losses, and reducing consumption, nanotechnology can play a vital role. Cost reduction in the production of renewable energies is another thrust area for nano technology."

Delivering the lead talk, Mr. Ingo Hollein, Department of new materials, Nanotechnology, Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Germany, said, "Nanotechnology is being used in the hi-tech- strategy of Germany in many fields from energy production to energy utilization. Nano is a cross-cutting technology, which can address many global issues."

Dr. Amit Biswas, Head, Technology Services & emerging Technologies, Research Technology Group, Reliance Industries Ltd. , said, "As an energy and petroproducts company, RIL is willing to grow by bringing social change in India. RIL is building a big research center in Mumbai and it will be running by 2012. It also focuses on nanotechnology as one of the major technologies."

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