New forms of dietary fiber could be a boon to health

Posted By: Abdul Nisar
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Washington, Dec 09 (ANI): New types of dietary fiber are under development, which can make high fiber foods tastier and more appealing to consumers.

An article in current issue of Chemical and Engineering News (C and EN), ACS' weekly newsmagazine talks about this consumer friendly form of fiber, which could be a boon to health.

C and EN Associate Editor Jyllian Kemsley said that dietary fiber plays key roles in human health.

Fiber creates a feeling of fullness that can reduce calorie intake, and provides an energy source for beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract.

Studies link high fiber diets to a reduced risk of diseases such as diabetes and colon cancer.

Getting consumers to eat more fiber can be difficult, particularly when people find some high-fiber foods unpalatable, Kemsley notes.

Scientists and food manufacturers are hoping that a new type of food fiber, called digestion-resistant starch, would help boost fiber intake without agitating the palate.

Some scientists are trying to produce these new fibers by heating or chemically altering existing starches and others are focusing on engineering plants, such as wheat and rice, so that they can produce these fibers naturally.

A study found that when a group of men ate pieces of white bread containing a form of the new fiber, their blood glucose and insulin levels dropped by nearly half. (ANI)

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