Brits cadge £8bn of stuff a year, and rarely return it!

Written by: Abdul Nisar
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London, Dec 4 (ANI): Turns out most Britons are very similar to Homer Simpson - they help themselves to items that are worth 8 billion pounds a year, but never hand them back when they are done using them.

They cadge every thing from lawnmowers to DVDs from friends and family and then fail to give them back, a survey by the Post Office has revealed, reports the Daily Express.

Two out of three people say they have lent items to friends and never got them back and nearly seven out of 10 of us have lent possessions worth an average of 267 pounds to an average of four friends in the past 12 months.

Men are the most generous lenders, with possessions worth 399 pounds lent to five friends, compared with an average of 106 pounds lent by women to just four friends.

Adults in the North-east of England lent more items to more people than anyone else, but only to the value of 209 pounds. Those in the South-east lent possessions worth 774 pounds but to just four friends.

Almost 7 billion pounds in cash was lent to friends in the past year.

Doug Strachan, director of financial services at the Post Office, said, "DVDs, clothes, tools and other possessions amounting to 8billion pounds are still to be returned by friends across the UK.

"Obviously, sharing CDs and books is nothing new. When you add this to the 7billion pounds of cash still owed to friends, however, this amounts to a significant sum of money." (ANI)

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