British parliamentarians avoid voting on Burkha ban

Written by: Abdul Nisar
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London, Dec.4 (ANI): A bid to ban the burkha in Britain was effectively buried in red tape in the Commons yesterday.

Last night, however, the Tory MP who tried to bring in the controversial new law, Philip Hollobone, vowed to carry on his campaign.

Hollobone's Bill was aimed at preventing Muslim veils from being worn in public.

His Face Coverings (Regulation) Bill could only be put to the House for a decision on whether the Bill should continue and will not be presented again for a year.

Backbench MPs' Bills can be scuppered by a single cry of "object" - which appeared to come yesterday from a Tory whip.

Hollobone, who now plans to get the Bill passed on December 2 next year, said: "I'm not surprised the Bill got halted, it's disappointing. The Government is very much out of touch with popular opinion on this issue."

As currently worded, the Bill does not mention the burkha or any other covering but would ban the wearing in public places of any garment primarily designed to cover the face.

Face-coverings would also have to be removed when people were providing or receiving a public service, unless they were required for health or safety reasons. (ANI)

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