Brit mum gives birth on back seat of car for the 2nd time

Written by: Anita Nair
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London, Dec 3 (ANI): A British woman delivered her own baby on the back seat of a car and that too for the second time.

Faye Lygo, a mother-of-five from Blean near Canterbury, Kent, was rushing to the hospital with her husband Carl when baby Rex, weighing 9lb 7oz, popped out in the back of their Land Rover.

Lygo, whose first two children were born after labours lasting a combined 42 hours, had four years ago given birth to daughter Scarlet in a Range Rover outside a soup factory in the same village.

"For it to happen once was something in itself, but to happen twice is extraordinary," the Daily Mail quoted her as saying.

"You just wouldn't expect it in a million years. The doctors and nurses said it was unheard of and even we're still trying to take in what happened," she stated.

The couple thought about naming their latest addition after the car he was born in, but settled on Rex.

"We did think about Rover, but it sounded too much like a dog's name, so Rex was the closest we could get," the 43-year-old father said.

"It's certainly a story to tell them when they're older. We're just hoping Scarlet doesn't think Rex has stolen her thunder," he added. (ANI)

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