'N. Korea could attack South again prior to power succession'

Written by: Abdul Nisar
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Seoul , Dec 1 (ANI): There is reportedly a 'high possibility' that North Korea could attack South Korea again before its ailing leader Kim Jong-il hands over his power to his youngest son Kim Jong-un, according to Seoul's intelligence chief.

"There is a high possiblity that the North will make another attack," the Telegraph quoted Won Sei-hoon, director of South Korea's National Intelligence Service, as saying.

He also said that phone-tap intelligence last August had indicated a possible attack off South Korea's west coast, months before last week's shelling by North Korea of a South Korean island, killing four.

"Internal complaints are growing about the North's succession for a third generation, and its economic situation is worsening," Won added.

His warning came as the US and Seoul had rejected China's request to hold an emergency six-party talks with North Korea, which could have seen Pyongyang receiving economic aid in exchange for nuclear disarmament.

Earlier, a four-day joint exercise between Seoul and the US involving supercarrier George Washington was designed as a show of deterrent force to the regime of Kim Jong-il following the shelling of a South Korean village a week ago.

Earlier this month, Jong-un, the heir apparent to the North Korean strongman, was accused of carrying out the attack on South Korean territory with an intention to "mobilise the military and consolidate his power." (ANI)

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