Speeding Swedish drivers' fines to fund lottery for safe drivers!

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Sydney, Nov 29 (ANI): It's the most innovative way yet, to encourage safe driving practices in Sweden - a lottery for law-abiding drivers - funded by fines from speeding motorists.

The Swedish National Society for Road Safety conducted the trial after it was suggested as a means of rewarding people who obeyed speed limits in Stockholm rather than breaking the rules.

A traffic camera takes a photo of every speeding vehicle. Then, the vehicle's owner is issued with an infringement notice, with the fine tipped into a pool of money, reports the Sydney Morning Herald.

However, if the car is obeying the speed limit, the owner is sent a lottery ticket giving them a chance to win a share of the speeding motorists' fines.

The experiment was able to reduce the average speed of cars travelling through a school zone from 32km/h before the system's installation to 25km/h.

The idea behind the Speed Camera Lottery was entered in a competition run by Volkswagen to discover fun ways to encourage people to change their behaviour. (ANI)

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