People with new money lack dining etiquette, says restaurateur

Written by: Abdul Nisar
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Melbourne, Nov 28 (ANI): A new breed of diners may have hefty pockets but they lack etiquette, says a restaurateur of almost 20 years.

La Pegna, born in Italy, owns Rialtos in Subiaco and Rudy's in Claremont. He also created Bellissimo and Pronto in Claremont, Funtastico in Subiaco and Zafferano Restaurant at the Old Swan Brewery.

La Pegna said many diners with "new money" have no manners.

"The corporate market has been replaced by under-30s, since the global financial crisis. Some of them don't know how to order, how to stay at the table or how to conduct themselves," quoted him as saying.

"They conduct themselves in a way that is clearly not elegant. I see people order an 800 dollars bottle of wine and then they don't even know how to hold the glass properly.

"Some of the people with new money don't even know which fork to use. It makes you wonder what level Perth is at on an international scale," he said.

La Pegna said young people didn't want to go to restaurants any more and opted for tapas bars.

"Young people go to tapas bars because they think they are getting a cheap night out, but they are picking on finger food and getting charged a lot," he said.

La Pegna has also noticed the appearance of Perth diners has changed dramatically.

"When I arrived in Perth in 1981, I was amazed at how people didn't have any fashion sense.

"Now every girl dresses like a model and men dress like gangsters with jeans, T-shirts and tattoos because that's what attracts the girls," he added. (ANI)

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