Women power: Men beaten for entering ladies coach

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Delhi Metro
Gurgaon, Nov 27: A group of men must have watched the power of women after entering into a ladies coach of Metro as they were badly beaten by the girls and were thrashed out from the train.

The incident, which proved that women are no more helpless domestic creatures, occurred in Delhi-Gurgaon line on Thursday, Nov 25.

The men were allegedly forcefully entered Delhi Metro coaches reserved for the ladies and the security staff also reportedly joined the women in assaulting the men.

The ladies passengers claimed that several times they made complaints about such issues to the Delhi police but no action has been taken yet.

Justifying their wrathful acts, the women finally stated that inaction of Delhi police compelled them to take the initiative to stop men from breaking the rules and using women's coaches and to stop them from assaulting women in trains.

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