'Mortified' Muslim women barred from US skating rink for not removing headscarves

Written by: Abdul Nisar
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Washington, Nov 26 (ANI): The Council on American-Islamic Relations has filed a complaint with Connecticut's Human Rights Commission against a roller-skating rink in Vernon after two Muslim women were barred from entering the rink because they were wearing headscarves.

Forty-year-old Marisol Rodriguez-Colon and her female friend were "mortified" after being barred entry to the Ron-A-Roll rink, and when Colon asked a reason, security officials showed her the rules posted at the entrance that read: 'No Hats. No Headwear. No Exceptions.'

The duo, who were wearing headscarves, were told that they could either take off the hijab or wear a helmet over the top of it. However they refused and left the place, missing the birthday party for Colon's niece, which was taking place inside.

'Disappointed' Colon said that she had worn the traditional Muslim headwear for 16 years and had faced no problems until this incident.

The Daily Mail quoted Colon as saying: "We wear this for religious reasons, but they didn't want to hear that," adding that removing it was 'not an option'.

"I wear this with pride. I was mortified, by asking someone to wear a helmet you are actually ostracising us. 'You are singling us out and showing everyone there is an issue - that something is wrong with these two women," she added.

She also felt insulted because, she believes that the rink would deny entrance to anybody, particularly Muslims, 'because of what they believe and what they are wearing because of those beliefs.'

However in a statement, Ron-A-Roll management said that it stuck by its 'no headwear' dress code, adding that helmets were offered for health and safety reasons.

The incident comes at a time of rising anti-Muslim feeling across America, especially because of the row over the proposed the Islamic center and mosque at New York's Ground Zero.

In the recent past, polls had consistently shown that Americans are against the mosque's location and that they are suspicious of Muslims in general. (ANI)

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