German man tries to seal cellar, gets trapped after walling himself in!

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London, Nov 26 (ANI): As Albert Einstein once said - the two most abundant things on Earth are hydrogen and stupidity - and a German man proven that at least the latter is.

A 64-year-old DIY enthusiast, who set off to seal his cellar, ended being trapped in it because he was on the wrong side of the wall.

The aim was to save on the heating bill, but when the last cemented brick was slotted into place at his home in Gumperda, near Leipzig, he found himself walled in.

"Whoops, you might say," the Telegraph quoted the policeman as saying.

He was trapped in his man-made dungeon for two days before deciding to use a jackhammer on the wall leading to his neighbour's home.

But the German man had been feuding with his neighbours for months, and as he emerged through the hole, he was met by police who are now considering charging him with disturbance of the peace. (ANI)

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