Meet the armless man who can fire and reload a handgun with his feet!

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London, Nov 22 (ANI): He has no arms, but that doesn't stop Michael from giving up his hobby - shooting.

Michael has no arms, but is still a crack shot. He uses his feet to fire a pistol.

The bandanna-wearing marksman can be seen in a video clip sweeping the Web, lying on the bonnet of a car, firing round after round of shots.

He rolls up his jeans, rests his feet on some cushions and, having re-loaded the gun unaided, let's rip with another volley. He squeezes the trigger of the pistol with the toes on his left foot and aims with his right foot.

"'Tell them: 'If they want to come and screw with the U.S., come on!'," the Daily Mail quoted him as saying.

The man, armed without any arms, even uses his feet to reload the weapon, placing the bullets between his toes and feeding them into the pistol.

'Every two shots I turn the safety [catch] on,' the shooter added. (ANI)

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