Immigrants got visas for jobs unemployed Brits could do

Written by: Nairita Das
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London, Nov.22 (ANI): Labour handed out thousands of visas to foreign workers for jobs that unemployed Brits were already qualified to do.

According to The Sun, in 2009, a total of 2,202 visas were handed to immigrant chefs and cooks - while 11,960 British chefs and cooks were languishing on the dole.

As the shock figures were made public, Prime Minister David Cameron vowed to slash "unacceptably high" immigration.

The British Government's cap on migrant workers is due to be unveiled soon.ameron insisted he wanted to make sure we give visas only to workers the country really needs.

The Home Office list revealed that Labour gave 1,694 visas to foreign care workers last year, while 33,265 British care assistants and home carers were on Jobseeker's Allowance.

The pattern is repeated in a string of other jobs.

In the 12 months up to March, over 4,500 UK computer professionals were looking for work, but visas were given to nearly 1,100 foreign IT workers.

Work permits were also handed to 845 immigrant finance analysts, even though there were 2,360 qualified Brits on benefits.

There were 8,435 marketing and sales managers out of work last year, but visas were given to 449 foreigners to do the same job. (ANI)

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