Oxford University undergrads brand themselves 'worst behaved in Britain'

Written by: Nairita Das
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London, Nov 19 (ANI): While most students brag about their mental prowess, the best of undergraduates at Oxford University have instead boasted about being the "worst behaved in Britain".

The survey, conducted as part of a new MTV series, 'The Freshers', revealed one in three said they got so "out of their heads" on beer and wine that they urinate or vomit in public "at least" once a week.

And three-quarters revelled in the fact they were promiscuous "whenever they had the chance".

Students from eight English universities were asked which they thought had the most badly behaved students, and Oxford topped the poll, with 87 percent of its students believing they deserved the title.

It was followed by Bristol, Manchester, Leicester, Leeds Metropolitan, Bournemouth and Essex.

The worst offenders were those studying medicine, law and history and the majority blamed the pressure of academic work and parents' "unrealistic" expectations.

"We think there might be a bit of exaggeration in the telling," the Daily Mail quoted a spokesman for Oxford as saying. (ANI)

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