How does K'taka CM BSY escape all scams?

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BS Yeddyurappa
New Delhi, Nov 19: After the land denotification scam, the fate of Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa has landed on the the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leaders' hands in New Delhi as he has been summoned by the top leaders of the party on Friday, Nov 19.

Despite Oppositions like JD(S) and Congress' continuous demand for his resignation, Yeddyurappa managed to escape from all allegation by surrendering all "illegal" land, which were allotted to his family members.

Karnataka Gods and goddesses, saints and seers, astrologers and angels together have conspired to save Yeddyurappa whenever he was in trouble.

But for the almighty's intervention BSY would not have escaped from several onslaughts challenging his chief ministership so far.

The sensational milestones (pit falls) of Chief minister's 3 year tumultuous term " BSY Great Escapes"

  • During 2008 assembly election , BJP won 110 seats formed govt with 5 independent MLAs. MLAs joined BJP through Operation Kamala
  • Haveri Golibar incidence, with farmer shot dead; opposition demanded BSY's resignation. But Yeddyurappa managed with giving compensation to farmer's family.
  • In Oct, 2009, rift in BJP continued over a period of 15 days. With support from dissidents like Honnali MLA Renukacharya Reddy brothers started campaign against CM Yeddyurappa.
  • Sushma Swaraj pacified the situation and promised BSY would not trouble Reddy brothers and would be loyal to them.
  • Later, CM BSY accepted Reddy's offer and removed Shobha and Chief Secretary VP Baligar from his camp.
  • Dissidence started again with Excise minister Renukacharya with 20 MLA, blackmailed Yeddyurappa by support withdraw letter.
  • Janardhan reddy helped BSY, and brought Renukacharya back into the cabinet.
  • 2010 Shobha Karandlaje, Vijay Shankar, Anekal Narayana Swamy inducted into cabinet and Shivana Gowda, Aravind Limbavali Goolihatti Shekar dropped from cabinet.
  • Resort politics: 11 dissidence MLAs and 5 independent MLAs, who are against CM BSY, their fate yet to be decided. Disualification case is in SC.
  • KIADB scam: IT BT minister Katta Subramanya Naidu and his son Jagadish came into picture. Though Lokyukta held Jagadish, later released on conditional bail.
  • Oct 11, Trust vote in assembly, JDS and congress MLA made big chaos. But speaker declared majority to BSY govt.
  • Governor called Yeddyurappa to prove majority again. On Oct 14 again trust vote taken. with head count over 106 BSY easily won the battle.
  • HC upheld speaker's rule of disqualifying 11 sitting MLAs.
  • Yeddyurappa and Family in Land Scam.
  • Yeddyurappa came under opposition attack after he de-notified about two acres acquired by BDA for the Arkavathy residential layout, allegedly favouring his sons and son-in-law. land scam is 5000 crore.

BJP core committee meeting is expected to be held on Nov 19. If the top BJP leaders would not decided anything about Yeddyurappa, then Nitin Gadkari will visit Bangalore on Nov 25 and again it is expected that he will decide about BSY fate.

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