Meet the bird that thinks she's a dog!

Written by: Nairita Das
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Melbourne, Nov 16 (ANI): A 10-month-old Australian emu called Emma thinks she's a dog.

The bird has grown up with her best mate Charlie, a real dog, and his habits have worn off on her, reports

Owner Craig West said the bird had been mimicking the dog for months at their home in Woodroffe, Palmerston.

"Emma thinks she's a dog. She was a tiny little thing when we got her and she grew up with Charlie. Nobody ever told her she wasn't a dog," he said.

Being tailless and unable to bark has been a bit of a challenge for the 1.5m bird, but that hasn't stopped her copying Charlie's behavior.

"She runs around and chases stuff, like he does. She sits down when you tell her to. She fetches things and she plays with Charlie's stuffed toy," said West.

"She does everything like our dog-but she doesn't go for a walk on the leash yet," he added.

That is not because Emma doesn't want to -- her master just hasn't found a leash yet that is big enough for the bird.

"I'll get one made up especially for her shortly, then she can come for a walk around the block, together with Charlie and one of our blue-tongue lizards. He's got his own little leash already," said West.

"I can't wait to take the three of them for a walk together," he added.

Until then, Emma will have to keep playing with Charlie, hoping that one day she will grow a tail she can wag.(ANI)

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