13-yr-olds in trouble with cops for running unlicensed cupcake stand!

Posted By: Nairita Das
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New York, Nov 16 (ANI): Two 13-year-old boys got themselves into trouble when a local politician called the cops on them for selling cupcakes, cookies, brownies and Rice Krispie treats without a license.

The Journal News reported that middle school students Andrew DeMarchis and Kevin Graff set up shop in a local park last month to sell the treats, but local Councilman Michael Wolfensohn called police and filed a complaint against the boys for operating a business without a license.

"All vendors selling on town property have to have a license, whether it's boys selling baked goods or a hot dog vendor," the New York Daily News quoted Wolfensohn as saying.

The boys' parents are enraged.

"Kevin was so upset, he was crying all the whole way home. He was worried if he was going to get arrested or have a criminal record," said Andrew's mother, Suzanne DeMarchis, who was called to the scene.

The boys hoped to sell the sweet treats for a few years, save up and then open a restaurant. They got off to a lucrative start, pocketing 120 dollars on their first day of sales.

Wolfensohn said perhaps he could have talked to the boys himself instead of calling in law enforcement, but at the time felt officers should handle the complaint.

Meanwhile, the boys have abandoned their dreams of a restaurant.

Andrew said. "We were being entrepreneurs, but now I feel a little defeated." (ANI)

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