Bangladesh Foreign Minister says open to sign extradition treaty with India

Written by: Abdul Nisar
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Tripura, Nov 12 (ANI): Bangladesh Foreign Minister Dipu Moni has said that Bangladesh would be open to the idea of having an extradition treaty with India if it is required.

Talking to reporters here, Moni said: "Till date there is no extradition treaty between these two nations, but if require then we can always exchange arrested criminals even handover them to any nation within the mechanism of law. Today, it is not there but we can always have the treaty in the future if necessary.".

Moni further said that Bangladesh is committed to fight against terrorism and not a single inch of land would be allowed to use for any kind of unlawful activities.

"Bangladesh will not allow even a single inch of its territory for any type of militant activities. We are also regularly proving this by our activities. We are happy to say that we are getting cooperation in this from all section and so we are able to execute it. I do not want to refer to any specific case at this moment but I can only say that the Bangladesh government had declared a fight against militant activities and will stick by it," Moni added.

On Thursday, Moni laid the foundation of a memorial dedicated to Indian soldiers and Bangladeshi freedom fighters died during the 1971 Bangladesh liberation war in Chottakhola of southern Tripura.

India and Bangladesh had signed an important trade agreement in March 2009 to permit Bangladesh to trans-ship goods across Tripura. (ANI)

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