Control Diabetes: Live happily with proper diet

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Healthy diet for diabetics
Bangalore, Nov 10: Diet is always a big concern for the diabetics. Generally people think that diabetics can not take food to control Diabetes. But several researches and findings proved that the sufferer can have a strong hold on it with a proper meal plan and exercise.

Diabetes is not an infectious disease, like a cold or flu. One can not catches it from someone else. Diabetes is a lifelong disease.

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So, to make life healthy and danger free, here are the some tips to control Diabetes:

  • Diabetics should eat food at fixed hours.
  • They should not eat immediately after a workout.
  • Should not overeat.
  • If diabetics are on insulin, they should make sure that they have three proper meals with light snacks in between.
  • They should not eat fast; should masticate and munch their food well before they swallow.
  • They should drink a lot of water that will help flush the toxins off their system.
  • They should make sure that the gaps between their meals are short.
  • They should avoid fried foods and sweetmeats.
  • They should include fresh vegetable salad in every meal.
  • Should have at least 20 to 25 grams of raw onion daily.

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Beside maintaining the diet, regular exercise can help diabetics to increase calorie deficit. People should start exercise routine that they will enjoy and stick to. Walking is the simplest aerobic activity. Cycling is a good form of exercise, too.

But before starting exercise, one should know about the precautions, which they must follow:

  • Diabetics should check their blood-glucose levels before and after exercising.
  • They should avoid exercising when they have just taken their insulin shot.
  • They should avoid hot tubs and saunas immediately after exercise.
  • They should always carry a carbohydrate snack, candies, sweets or juice.
  • They should drink enough fluids to keep their body well hydrated.
  • They should avoid alcohol consumption before and immediately after exercise.

Consequences of Diabetes can be deadly unless diabetics educate themselves about the disease and learn what changes they need to make to keep themselves as healthy as possible. If once they adopt the right tactics, they will have the full control on the disease and can have a healthy and tension free life.

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