India not afraid of discussions with Pak: PM

Written by: Abdul Nisar
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Manmohan Singh and Obama
New Delhi, Nov 8: US President Barack Obama and Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh addressed joint press conference at Hyderabad house in Delhi on Monday, Nov 8.

During the joint press conference, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh told that India was not afraid of discussions on any issue with Pakistan, but terror from across the border must stop.

Live updates of joint press conference:

Manmohan Singh: India can resolve all issues once Pakistan moves away from terror

Manmohan Singh: Outsourcing work to India helped improve productivity of America

Obama: Cannot resort to protectionist behavior

Obama: India ia not a emerginhg power, but it has emerged as a key actor in world stage

01:50 PM

Manmohan Singh: India is not in the business of stealing jobs from US

Manmohan Singh: Hope at G20 meet, discuss the need for re-balancing growth. New balance between deficit countries and surplus countries is discussed.

Obama: Technologies from US to help create jobs in India

Obama: Part of reason why I advertised 50,000 jobs (creation) is want to tell people in America when they ask why I spent so much time in India

01:40 PM

Obama: US hopes that in the coming months and years India and Pakistan will find appropriate mechanisms to work out very difficult issues.

Obama: The entire world economy is stuck with no growth or very slow growth. India is a part of the solution to recovery of growth and not the problem.

Manmohan Singh: Efforts would be on to make 9-10 per cent economic growth sustainable over the next three decades

Manmohan Singh: A strong and robust, fast growing US is in the interest of the world.

01:35 PM

Manmohan Singh: India welcomes US investment to raise growth and to reduce poverty

Manmohan Singh: We welcome American investments in our economy. India needs an investment of a trillion dollars in the next 5 years. We welcome US in fulfilling that.

Obama: Indian PM is sincere in bringing peace

Obama: My mandate is to grow the US economy, that's good for the world as a whole.

01:30 PM

Obama: India a key actor on world stage

Obama: Happy to play a role in reducing tension between India and Pakistan

Obama: Indo-US is not an ordinary relation

Obama: US can't impose a solution on Kashmir

Manmohan Singh: Pakistan must move away from terror for dialogue

Manmohan Singh: India committed to solve the issues of Kashmir with Pakistan

01:27 PM

Manmohan Singh: I welcome Obama as a personal friend.

Manmohan Singh: We have decided to accelerate deepening of Indo-US ties and to work as partners to build strategic relationship.

Manmohan Singh: India welcomes lifting of controls on hi-tech exports.

1:20 PM

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