Villagers interact with Obama through e-conference

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Barack Obama
Ajmer, Nov 7: After tapping feet with the young students in a school in Mumbai on Nov 7, US President Barack Obama held a video conference with the villagers from Kanpura, near Ajmer in Rajasthan, where Minister of State for Communications and IT Sachin Pilot intermediate between the two sides.

The villagers showed the world's most powerful leader how e-governance has changed the lives of the people in the village through the video conference.

Another reason behind holding the conference was to show the US President how India was bridging the digital divide by reaching technology to the grassroots level.

Obama said he wanted to have a glimpse of the information technology revolution in rural India and how citizens were interacting virtually with local government bodies for accessing information and services such as tele-medicine and e-education.

During the video conference, the villagers informed Obama that with the help of broadband, education is accessible from remote villages and another big advantage of broadband is Tele-medicine.

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