Pak really wants to normalise relation with India?

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India-Pakistan flags
Islamabad, Nov 7: Pakistan's Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani on Nov 6 claimed that his government is meant to normalise relation with India. But citing Pakistan's continuous breaching of ceasefire at LoC and allegedly funding and training terror activities against India, the question here has been raised that whether the country really made any attempt to develop relation with India.

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"My government is for normalising relations with India. We believe that terrorism and extremism constitute the major challenge for not only Pakistan and India but also all people of South Asia," stated Gilani.

Addressing a national conference of the Pakistan chapter of the South Asia Free Media Association in Islamabad, Gilani also stated, "I call upon India to appreciate our efforts in curbing terrorism that poses the biggest internal threat to our national interests."

Pointing at Kashmir dispute, Gilani added, "Pakistan and India should resolve their disputes, especially on Kashmir, through peaceful means and productive dialogue."

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