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Posted By: Abdul Nisar
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Blekko search engine
New York, Nov 2: Here comes the Google killer, Blekko search engine. The new search engine has been launched after three years of development.

Unlike other search engines Google or Bing, Blekko uses slashtag technology that eliminates all irrelevant spam links from search results thereby presenting accurate and authentic results.

Blekko Chief Executive Rich Skrenta told that the new search engine will narrow searches to groups of websites that people have pre-approved as being the best sources of information for particular topics.

Blekko website describes the effectiveness of the engine as slashtags search only the sites the users want and cut out the spam sites. It use friends, experts, community or users own slashtags to slash in what the user want and slash out what they don't.

Using Blekko users can tag a particular search result, check its SEO, look at links pointing to that website, talk about it or flag it up as spam.

"We don't care if there are 30 million results or 40 million results, it's really 'Give me the information I need in an efficient way so I don't have to go wading through all this nonsense'," said Blekko Chief Executive Rich Skrenta.

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