'US could have given Headley's info after 26/11'

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GK Pillai
New Delhi, Oct 28: Speaking about US' stand on supplying information about the mastermind of 26/11 attacks, David Headley, Union Home Secretary, G K Pillai stated that US could have given information even after the tragic incident if they would have failed to give that before the attack.

"We could say that we were disappointed that the name of David Headley was not provided, if not pre-26/11 at least post 26/11," stated Pillai on Oct 27.

Pillai also added, "When he (Headley) came subsequently in Mar 2009 to India at least at that time we could have nabbed him here."

According US media reports, two of Headley's wives in 2005 and 2007 informed FBI about Headley's plan of the Mumbai 2008 terror attack .

However, Pillai also claimed, "I think they (US) have shared (Headley's information) but I would appreciate if it had been much more than what they have been doing."

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