Suicide bombing is a ticket to heaven: Taliban

Written by: Nitsi
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Islamabad, Oct 26: After a suicide bomber was arrested on Monday, Oct 25 from one of the Taliban's schools in Pakistan, he revealed the institution would teach them that the ticket to heaven is by becoming a suicide bomber.

Sources said 16-year-old Mohammad Salaam made many of the Taliban leaders and they would train him how to blow himself up in public places.

He even revealed to sources that the leaders would tell them saying, "we do not know the fate of those who will be killed in our attack, but one thing was certain: we will definitely go to heaven."

"My meetings with leader Shar Rehman and other leaders were usually at night, and never in public gatherings".

"I was told that if I disclose my relations with them, they will behead my family and me," Salaam said.

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