North Korea's leader Kim Jong-il tries hand at restaurant designing

Posted By: Nairita Das
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London, Oct 23 (ANI): North Korea's leader Kim Jong-il has bolstered his CV with a new skill - restaurant design.

The 68-year-old Kim personally provided "on-site guidance" during the construction of a new 60,000 sq ft wing at Okryugwan (The Jade Stream Pavilion), the most famous restaurant in North Korea, according to the Korean Central News Agency.

The extension, which can seat thousands of diners, "is another gift presented by Kim to the Pyongyangites and all other people with his loving care because he always thinks about how to improve the people's diet," reports the Telegraph.

Okryugwan, with its traditional curved green roof, sits on the left bank of the Taedong River and has been open since 1960.

Kim, who has recently elevated his third son, Kim Jong-un, to a key post in the country's military commission, thus marking him out as his heir, said the new restaurant extension was "flawless in its architectural substance and style". (ANI)

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