Parents withdraw pupil from Milan school as teacher was 'too sexy'

Written by: Nairita Das
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London, Oct 22 (ANI): A female teacher at a prestigious school in Milan has sparked fury among parents who claim that she is too attractive to teach and would only be a distraction to pupils.

Ileana Tacconelli, 28, who is a former beauty queen and has three degrees, caused quite a stir after it emerged she was a former model and racy photographs and video footage of her were posted on the Internet.

The row started when one mother complained to headteacher Father Aldo Geranzani that Tacconelli was "too attractive and a distraction", leading to a couple withdrawing their daughter from the Catholic School in Milan.

But others, particularly fathers of students at the prestigious San Carlo Catholic High School, and the headteacher have stood by Tacconelli.

"All I will say is that if I had wanted to be a model or a showgirl I would have done it when I was younger and prettier," the Daily Mail quoted Tacconelli as saying.

"I have been a teacher here for three years and I have never had any problems. There is nothing really to say and I have the backing of the school and the parents.

"The child in question left a few weeks ago and nothing else was said. These things happen all the time at schools but she has caused all this publicity because she contacted the media.

"When I heard about it I was so surprised but all the other parents and the teachers have given me their support - they have even set up a fan club for me which is very sweet," she stated.

Osvaldo Songini, head of the upper school, said that Tacconelli had passed all the very strict requirements to be a teacher and that the school is very satisfied with her work.

"For us here, from don Geranzani down she is an optimum teacher and she has all the qualifications needed. We knew all about her past as she never kept it hidden," Songini added. (ANI)

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