Now, 'scratch and sniff' the Moon for just 55 dlrs!

Written by: Mamatha
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Melbourne, Oct 15 (ANI): If you have promised a trip to moon to your girl, begin by getting her a recently developed 'scratch and sniff' poster that smells just like the moon.

The prints were created by working with Apollo 16 astronaut Charlie Duke, who described the moon dust residue that attached to his spacesuit in the 1970s as being 'like spent gunpowder'.

Flavourist Steven Pearce took Mr Duke's description, as well as scientific reports of the make-up of the moon's surface, to come up with the scent, which was then converted in a laboratory to ink for the 55 dollars poster scenes.

The prints will be sold through Edinburgh Printmakers, as the creation of printers Sue Corke and Hagen Betzwieser and their partnership called 'We Colonised the Moon'.

The duo has made 300 limited edition prints (27cm x 17cm), while seven larger prints are available for 430 dollars apiece.

The makers promise buyers will have the authentic smell of the moon in their home for a year.

"We were kicking around ideas when we remembered reading an article on the NASA website, where we really liked some of the descriptions the astronauts gave about what the moon smelled like," the Herald Sun quoted Corke as saying.

Duke was the 10th man to walk on the moon (in 1972) and is also the youngest of the 12 who have done it. (ANI)

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