4 suspected militants killed in US drone attacks in Pak tribal region

Written by: Mamatha
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Mir Ali, Oct 15 (ANI): Four suspected militants have been killed in the latest US drone strikes in Pakistan's North Waziristan region.

The missiles were fired in two drone attacks today in the Mir Ali district, the Dawn reported.

Earlier this week, drone attacks in North Waziristan had killed eight militants, including four foreign nationals.

The CIA launched at least 20 drone attacks, killing around 120 people in Pakistan in September, the highest number of attacks during a single month, and more than twice the number in a typical month.

Beyond the CIA drone strikes, the war along the Af-Pak border region is escalating in other ways as well, as three ISAF air strikes in Pakistani territory killed more than 50 suspected members of the Haqqani network, according to an estimate by US military officials. Pakistani officials have criticised the attacks, saying that NATO's mandate is to carry out attacks only in Afghanistan.

But the CIA's campaign has also raised concerns that the drone strikes are fuelling anger in the Muslim world. The Times Square bomber told a judge that the CIA drone campaign was one of the factors that led him to attack the Americans. (ANI)

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