Tiger undergoes dialysis in Bhopal for the first time

Written by: Nitsi
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Bhopal, Oct.14 (ANI): Veterinarians in Bhopal are treating a tiger with kidney complication and have placed the feline under dialysis.

Sagar, a tiger, was rescued from a circus in 2006 and taken care at the Van Vihar National Park in Bhopal.

The veterinarian of the park, Dr. Atul Gupta, said that though Sagar's liver has shown a lot of improvement after the treatment, the kidneys didn't show any such sign.

"There was some complication in the tiger's kidney and liver. Though it was under treatment but the level of creatine and urea in its blood was increasing day by day. Then it was decided that dialysis should be performed and therefore Dr. Sanjay Gupta, an expert is performing it," said Dr. Atul Gupta.

He also informed that it is the first ever instance of any animal belonging to the feline family being put under dialysis for treatment of its kidney.

"For the first time such thing is being performed in the feline family and when kidney stops performing then it becomes very important to perform dialysis if we have to save the animal," said Dr. Atul Gupta.

Doctors claim that after going through routine dialysis Sagar's condition has improved and they hope that very soon it would go back into its habitat at the Van Vihar National Park and not the cage of the hospital. By Ram Chand Sahu (ANI)

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