Pak's flawed Afghan policy of support to terror groups will bite back hard: Editorial

Written by: Nitsi
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Islamabad, Oct 11(ANI): An editorial in a leading Pakistani newspaper has urged the Pakistan government to revisit the strategic depth in its Afghanistan policy.

The editorial in the Daily Times said that Pakistan's dual policy of giving sanctuary to a particular breed of terrorist it thinks may give it an edge in Afghanistan once the US and NATO troop withdrawal begins in July 2011 will most likely give diminishing returns as the withdrawal deadline approaches.

"Whatever benefits are hoped for through support to the Afghan Taliban in that country's approaching endgame could end up costing Pakistan far more than can be imagined at present," the editorial said.

It further said that when it comes to sovereignty, following a schizophrenic policy is ill advised.

"It seems that our sovereignty is compromised when NATO choppers cross into our territory, but drone strikes are perfectly acceptable (they continue unabated)," the editorial said.

"This does not make sense unless there are specific jihadi safe havens or rear bases we wish to protect, which could unravel if NATO takes matters into its own hands like it did in the 'hot pursuit' incident," it added. (ANI)

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