'US drone attack surge in Pak connected to suspected Europe terror plot': Haqqani

Written by: Abdul Nisar
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London, Oct 5 (ANI): The recent upsurge in US drone attacks in Pakistan is linked to efforts to disrupt a suspected Al-Qaeda plot to launch Mumbai-style attacks on European targets, Pakistan's ambassador to the US, Hussein Haqqani, has acknowledged.

"The activity we see in North Waziristan, in terms of strikes and terms of measures to try to get people from al-Qaeda and associated groups, is connected to the terrorist warnings that we have heard about potential strikes in Europe," the BBC quoted Haqqani, as saying.

Pakistan was working with European and US intelligence agencies to prevent the suspected plans to attack Europe, he said, adding that people should not panic.

According to security sources, a German man detained in Afghanistan in July had provided the first information about the terrorists' plans to launch commando-style attacks on targets in Britain, France and Germany.

In recent weeks, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has ramped up missile strikes from its unmanned drones in Pakistan, targeting militants who are believed to be a part of the Pakistan-linked suspected Al-Qaeda plot.

The strikes include one on Monday, which killed at least eight Al-Qaeda terrorists, some of whom were reportedly German nationals, while according to the BBC report, a British man killed in a strike last month was to head an al-Qaeda faction in the UK.

Meanwhile, several countries have issued travel warnings to their citizens, saying they should be vigilant while travelling in Europe. (ANI)

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