Toshiba 3D TV to enjoy programs without glasses

Written by: Abdul Nisar
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Toshiba 3D TV
Tokyo, Oct 5: Many of our grandfathers enjoyed television programmes in black and white. The technology advanced and moved to colour televisions. But still TV sets occupied a large space of our old living rooms. Later the technology improved and the size decreased. Then comes the era of LCD TVs. We fixed our TVs on the walls like a calender. Again the world moved forward and LED TVs emerged.

Justifying the old phrase, 'change is the only thing that we can't change', LED era moved to 3D TVs (thanks to Avatar). The latest sensation is the 3D TVs which the users can enjoy the HD 3D videos in their homes. But it also became outdated by the announcement of the latest 3D TV where users can enjoy 3D programmes without wearing glasses.

Japan based consumer electronics manufacturer Toshiba has announced the world´s first 3D Flat panel-TV without glasses. Toshiba has launched two 3D TVs with a screen size of 12 inch and 20 inch in Japan"s biggest consumer electronics show, CEATEC 2010.

Toshiba claimed that the new integral imaging system helps the users to experience 3D videos without wearing 3D glasses. The new Toshiba 3D TV uses a perpendicular lenticular sheet, an array of small lenses that directs light from the display to nine points in front of the set. If a viewer sits within the optimal viewing zone, the brain integrates these points into a single 3D image.

Toshiba also has plan to launch the 40-inch version of this 3D TV but the officials revealed that this project will take time. The suggested viewing distance for the 20-inch model is 90cm and 65cm for the 12-inch size.

"With its new 3D TVs without glasses Toshiba once again aims to offer the highest possible picture quality," says Sascha Lange, Head of Marketing, Visual Products, Toshiba Europe.

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