US committed to ensuring continuance of democracy in Pakistan

Written by: Mamatha
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Washington, Oct 3 (ANI): Describing Pakistan as its key ally, the United States has reposed confidence in Pakistan's commitment to preserve its democratic set-up.

"Pakistan is an important strategic partner and a key ally to the US. We believe that the Pakistan government is committed to democracy and to the preservation of civilian leadership, obviously which we believe is tremendously important," the Daily Times quoted the White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, as saying.

Reaffirming US' support for Pakistan in tackling floods and terrorist challenges, he disagreed over a query which pointed out that the Asian nation may be nearing a crisis in the face of the unprecedented natural disaster, NATO missile strikes and media speculations about a change in the government.

"No, look, I would say, that obviously we are all understanding of - Pakistan is located in a dangerous neighbourhood. Obviously everybody understands the concerns that we have, and now the concerns that the Pakistanis have in dealing with terrorism in lawless areas," said Gibbs.

"You mentioned a series of events. We will continue to work with our ally in ensuring we can do whatever is possible to assist them in their fight against terrorists that, again, not just threaten us, but threaten the existence of their own government in Pakistan," he added.

Gibbs noted that Washington's support in ensuring flood relief and recovery assistance for Islamabad had been an important aspect of US-Pak bilateral ties.

"Obviously our government has done quite a bit in terms of aid and help in what had obviously been very tragic events. We understand that that is an important part of our bilateral relationship, ensuring assistance," he said.

Meanwhile, State Department Spokesman PJ Crowley has also expressed US support for the civilian government in Pakistan.

"We support the civilian government in Pakistan. We are working with Pakistan to increase the capacity and performance of this government. It will be important for a civilian government to demonstrate its value to the Pakistani people," he said.

"The Pakistani people have made clear that they prefer a civilian government to dictatorship," he noted in response to a question.

He said Washington's dialogue with both the civilian and military leaders spoke of its genuine partnership with the country.

"Well, we do talk with General Kayani, General Pasha, Prime Minister Gilani and President Zardari. We do talk to Foreign Minister Qureshi and others as well. So we have a broad dialogue with the Pakistan government. (ANI)

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