Musharraf must return to Pak to earn masses' wrath: Shahbaz

Written by: One India
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Lahore, Oct 2 (ANI): Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has tauntingly welcomed former military ruler Pervez Musharraf's announcement of re-entering politics, saying that he should return to Pakistan as well, so that the masses, annoyed at his policies, may extend him his due reception in a worthwhile way.

Shahbaz said that the dictator, who has now vowed to shift Pakistan from darkness towards light, did not generate even a unit of electricity in his reign of nine years, The Nation reported.

He said that Musharraf must come back to Pakistan to see what he had left for the people of the country. Inflation, load shedding, lawlessness, terrorism and death, were what he gifted to the nation, and now he was apologising only for the NRO, rather than for his other blunders, said the chief minister.

"He forgot how he tried to subdue the most respected institutions of the country like judiciary, with a Martial Law-like action. The dictator now pledges to bring an end to family politics and nepotism, but the person with whom he is developing political contacts, are in politics for the posterity," Shahbaz said.

Earlier, Musharraf had announced that he had a good chance of winning the next presidential election due in 2013, and he would return to his country before that to "introduce a new political culture," though he recognised that on his return, he would have to face some legal cases and also that there would be danger to his life.

"Two hundred per cent I will participate in the next election.

Standing for myself. Standing for a party that I'll create.... I have fought wars, I have faced dangers and I'm a lucky man. I'll try my luck again and I'm not scared of that," Musharraf, who is presently living in exile in London, had said. (ANI)

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