Jaguar unveils 200mph electric hybrid super car that costs 200K pounds

Written by: Abdul Nisar
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London, Sep 30 (ANI): Jaguar has unveiled a sexy new 200mph super car that blends sporting looks and performance with the latest 'green' technology,

The car is to be showcased in the prestigious Paris Motor Show.

The new two-seater Jaguar C-X75 is a 200,000-pound electric hybrid vehicle uses hi-tech jet-turbine know-how from the aviation industry to sprint from rest to 62 mph in just 3.5 seconds and up to 100mph in just 5.5 seconds.

It was already being dubbed 'The E-Type for the 21st Century' and is to be pored over by a Government minister on a trade mission to the Paris show.

The new Jaguar dispenses with a conventional internal combustion engine.

Instead, powered by a lithium ion battery charged from the domestic mains, the new Jaguar can run with zero-emissions for up to 68 miles on four electric motors - one of which drives each of four wheels.

Then it can harness two rear-mounted super-efficient gas-turbines to generate the extra electric power it needs to give it an extended range of 560miles - enough to get it from London to Berlin on a single 60 litre tank-full.

And that is with minimal emissions of just 28g/km of carbon dioxide - the greenhouse gas blamed for global warning and against which all UK cars are now taxed.

The car featured at the Paris show has the electric hybrid and gas turbine generator as its power source. But Jaguar say it could also run on a conventional petrol engine.

'A six-hour plug-in charge of the lithium-ion batteries allows an electric-only range of 68 miles," the Daily Mail quoted a Jaguar spokesman as saying.

'But the innovative twin-turbines can either charge the car's batteries, allowing the supercar to travel 560 miles between fill-ups. Or it can automatically provide supplementary power directly to the electric motors to allow the car to top 205mph.'

'It celebrates three-quarters of a century of beautiful, fast, Jaguars by being the fastest and perhaps most beautiful of them all,' he added.

Inside the driver is cosseted in a cockpit with Storm Grey 'Bridge of Weir' leather seats and an aircraft-inspired dashboard of cream suede-like leather and polished aluminium.

Steering wheel covered in soft neoprene and a top-end 'surround sound' hi-fi is included along with a custom-made clock which is kept wound by the acceleration and braking of the car.

It has phosphor blue luminescent interior 'theatre' lighting which alters to suit driver's mood - including dimming when it switches to 'aircraft in combat mode' at speed or in 'track' mode to focus the driver's attention even more on the driving.

They can also be run on a range of fuels including diesel, biofuels, compressed natural gas and liquid petroleum gas.'

Jaguar has invested 800million pounds into new 'green' technology on top of its 1billion pounds a year in new models - with a new small saloon car and a roadster also in the pipeline. (ANI)

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