Sarah Palin booed on Dancing with the Stars?

Written by: Anmolg
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New York, Sep 29 (ANI): The "boo-gate" surrounding Sarah Palin's appearance on 'Dancing with the stars' is a bunch of baloney, says show's host Tom Bergeron.

And he's got the video to prove it.

"This is almost the ballroom equivalent of the Shirley Sherrod tape," the New York Daily News quoted Bergeron, referring to the U.S. Agriculture Department employee forced to resign after a blogger spliced video of her speech to make her appear racist, as saying.

"If you take it out of context it says one thing; if you see it on the show, it says another," Bergeron added.

During Monday's telecast of the hit dance competition, the audience was heard loudly booing something off-camera, just before the show cut to Bergeron sitting next to Palin.

In the aftermath, the Internet lit up with chatter that the audience was booing Palin who obliged the occasion to support her daughter Bristol, who is taking part in the competition.

"The booing heard was a direct response from the audience to Jennifer and Derek's scores, which were perceived as relatively low for a dance that received a standing ovation," said Conrad Green, executive producer of the show.

The show was scheduled to show footage of the judges at the same time of the untoward incident, which Bergeron says proves the boos were not aimed at political champ. (ANI)

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