One in three Brit families fall out with neighbours because of garbage

Written by: Abdul Nisar
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London, Sept 27 (ANI): A new survey has revealed that bins have caused more than one Brit family in three to fall out with their neighbours.

It found 35 per cent of households pointed to bins or rubbish as a cause of disputes, but the study also found that the public is prepared to admit its own bin record is far from clean.

While one in four admitted to putting some of their waste into a neighbour's bin because theirs was too full, one in five admitted putting their rubbish out days before it was due to be collected just to get it out of the house.

"There's nothing worse than living next door to someone who has overflowing and smelly bins, which you can smell from your garden," the Daily Mail quoted Jo Gosden, a spokeswoman for Bin Buddy, which carried out the study of 3,000 homeowners, as saying.

"But rather than having a weekly argument every bin day with your neighbour, try and have a quiet conversation with them to see if they do something to tidy up the rubbish near your home," added Gosden.

And here are some of the triggers for rubbish rows:

1. Overflowing bins

2. Bins blocking a pavement/driveway

3. Bad smells

4. Split bin bags

5. Neighbours putting their rubbish in your bins

6. Neighbours taking your bins

7. Flies or bugs

8. Bins being left out for days before they are due to be collected

9. Maggots

10. Neighbours filling up communal bins with their rubbish (ANI)

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