Soon, fly from Oz to NYC in 12 mins flat or soar like a bird in see-through craft!

Written by: Mamatha
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Melbourne, Sept 24 (ANI): Boeing Australia's President, Ian Thomas, has said that although Airbus' "invisible" concept, which aims to build planes that have a completely transparent fuselage, sounds "interesting", he would be keener to make it to New York in 12 minutes.

"Invisible airplanes and see-through airplanes are all very interesting, but I'd rather get to New York in 12 minutes," the Sydney Morning Herald quoted Thomas, as saying.

In an effort to make travelling more sophisticated for the passengers, Airbus has reportedly come up with an "invisible" concept planes concept, which would allow travellers to look down on cities and landscapes below.

Technology Australia is part of an international consortium developing scramjet-based access-to-space systems. The project aims to develop systems for an autonomous scramjet vehicle capable of flying at Mach 8, or 8600 kilometre per hour.

Scramjet concepts will be tested at even greater speeds, up to Mach 14, in University of Queensland's world-class hypersonic ground-test facilities.

However, Thomas further stated that instead of building a supersonic commercial airplane, Boeing most recently decided to bulk manufacture the slower, but more fuel efficient, 787 Dreamliner. With a top speed of Mach 0.85, the aeroplane has a range of about 15,000 kilometres and carries about 280 passengers.

The decision has paid dividends, he said, with the Dreamliner now becoming the fastest selling jetliner in history with more than 840 orders from 56 airlines, including 50 for Qantas.

"I'm not sure many of us are able to spend another 10,000 dollars or 20,000 dollars to arrive a few hours early," he added. (ANI)

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