Jobless Brit man insists he only has 8 kids by 8 women

Posted By: Abdul Nisar
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London, Sep 24 (ANI): A jobless British man, who has made news for making several girls pregnant and then dumping them, has insisted that he only has 8 kids by 8 women.

Keith Macdonald, 24, insisted the girl who says she is having his ninth baby is not really pregnant.

"That's not true, it is just eight. The stuff you have in the paper is bull****. Sarah is not pregnant. If she was she'd do a pregnancy test," the Mirror quoted him, when asked if he intends to start raising his nine children, as saying.

He has denied sleeping with pregnant lovers number nine Sarah Armstrong, 19, and number 10 Danielle Little, 24.

It comes as he faces a Child Support Agency probe over the estimated 2 million pounds in benefits his unprotected sex will cost the state.

He has been dubbed as Sunderland s****er and has refused to emerge from his home in to answer allegations about his irresponsible behavior.

Ex-girlfriend Stacey Barker, 22, claims he has a total of 15 children by 14 women - and does not support any of them whereas Sarah intends to keep her baby and, like most of the mums on Macdonald's long list of conquests, bring up the child alone. (ANI)

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