Corn Dog Pizza wins blue ribbon at Minnesota State Fair

Written by: Abdul Nisar
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New York, Sept 24 (ANI): Battered and buttered, sugared and fried - that's how most American seem to prefer their food, and Corn Dog Pizza won the first place in this year's Minnesota State Fair.

According to the New York Daily News, following are the top 10 foods from the 2010 state fairs, as described by The Huffington Post.

1. Fried beer from the Texas State Fair. A ravioli-ish pocket that tastes something like pretzels is filled with beer. No sauce needed, since the "sauce" is already inside.

2. Corn Dog Pizza from the Minnesota State Fair. Fried corn dogs are sliced lengthwise and arranged like the spokes of a wheel on a basic cheese pizza.

3. Sweet Potato Dog from the San Diego County Fair. Basic frankfurter, coated with sweet potato chunks coat. Fried and serviced on a stick, of course.

4. Deep-fried Cheesesteak on a Stick from the Wisconsin State Fair. Cheeseheads know best. Imagine Philly's specialty, Midwestern-style. That is, impaled on a stick and deep-fried to beefy crispness.

5. Chocolate Tornado Potato from the Minnesota State Fair. A healthy spud into a spiral cut, deep-fried, chocolate dipper tater. On a stick, of course.

6. Deep-fried Klondike Bars from the San Diego State Fair. Enjoy chocolate-coated melted ice cream recently fished from the deep fryer.

7.Deep-fried Frito Pie from the Texas State Fair. The inventors of the corn dog (back in 1942) have another artery-clogging winner on their hands: piles of deep-fried, chili-topped corn chips.

8. Garbage Burger from the Indiana State Fair. Hefty serving of pulled pork atop a deep-fried pork patty, presented in a bun.

9. Deep-Fried Cheddar-Bacon Mashed Potatoes on a stick from the Minnesota State Fair. A Midwestern delight that combines pork, cheese and potatoes. Lipitor, not included.

10. Hash Brown Hot Dogs from the San Diego County Fair. Brunch combo treat on a stick. Just add ketchup. (ANI)

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