Ayodhya suit litigants call for peace

Written by: Samyuktha
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Lucknow, Sep 21: After the union cabinet, several political parties, as well as a Muslim board came out to call for peace after the crucial Sep 24 Ayodhya verdict, both sides of the the Ayodhya title suit have also called for peace in the aftermath of the judgement.

The litigants, who will be facing each other with counter claims and arguments in the court, have not only univocally sought peace but also cautioned against accused vested interests creating unnecessary hype ahead of the verdict.

"Whatever judgement comes on the 60-year-old dispute over the Ayodhya title suits, there should be peace and tranquillity as no problem in the world can be resolved through violence and riots," the litigants of the title suit said.

"We are awaiting the verdict of the court and whatever it be, we want peace," a litigant, Mahant Bhaskar Das of the Nirmohi Akhara of Ayodhya, said, adding that there was always an option to approach a higher court if this verdict is unsatisfactory.

Similar words came from a 90-year-old litigant in the original suit, Mohammad Hashim Ansari, who has been involved in the case for six decades but will not be attending the hearing due to health reasons.

"Musalman gam aur khushi ka izhar sadak par na karey.. .issey kewal unka hi nuksaan hoga" (Muslims should ensure that they do not react to the verdict whether it is in favour or against on the roads as it would be harmful for them only)," said Ansari.

"Such a reaction would give communal forces a chance to jump in and exploit the situation," he added.

Complaining of unnecessary hype being created over the upcoming verdict, which would not have any effect on the everyday life of a layman, Trilok Nath Pandey, who is also involved in the case, said, "Whatever tension is seen is due to the political leadership of the country which sees it as an opportunity to serve their ulterior motives".

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