Tony and Cherie Blair's sex secrets set to be revealed?

Written by: Samyuktha
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London, Sep 18 (ANI): Carole Caplin, who once turned down the offer of 1 million pounds for the story of her ten years as lifestyle guru to Tony and Cherie Blair, might rethink her decision due to the failure of her gym.

Caplin set up the gym to offer massages and health consultations to the wealthy.

Losses have been substantial over its two years of operation, according to a spokesman, and it has been shut down for a 'period of reassessment'.

The Blairs have always been worried that the former exotic dancer might 'push the nuclear button' and write a book about her extraordinary association with them, reports the Daily Mail.

She joined them when Tony Blair was on the brink of being elected Labour leader and quickly made an intimate connection.

She's said to have insisted Cherie Blair tell her every last detail of their sex life, and even prescribed a sex regime which apparently resulted in the birth of baby Leo.

The fear, then and now, is that she could 'finish' the Blairs.

However, in 2003 her lawyers issued a statement saying she had no intention of disclosing her relationship with the Blairs. (ANI)

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