Indian IT creates 2.5 lakh jobs in US

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New Delhi, Sep 15: When US is looking forward to restore its economy by stopping outsourcing in other countries, Union Commerce Minister, Anand Sharma reported that Indian IT created about 2.5 lakh jobs in US in last three years.

The report revealed that 7,000 jobs have been created in the US in the month of Aug 2010.

"In times of crisis, countries tend to look inwards but protection can be counterproductive. This is the time to encourage global trade flows," said Sharma.

Recently, by increasing professional visa fees and banning outsourcing, US made an effort to save and create more jobs in the country.

These measures were confronted strong criticism from the Indian Inc as the Indian IT has been largely harmed by US decision.

However, Sharma hoped, "We remain optimistic about the whole scenario but responses need to be calibrated."

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