France Senate passes bill on burqa ban

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France flag
Paris, Sep 15: The French Senate has passed a bill unanimously, banning the burqa in public places on Tuesday, Sep 14.

The bill was passed by 246 votes to 1, which will be reviewed by the Constitutional Council and approve by President Nicolas Sarkozy.

The text makes no mention of Islam, but the France government promoted the law as a means to protect women from being forced to wear niqab.

Once in force, woman who chooses to defy the ban will receive a fine of $200 or a course of citizenship lessons. Also a man who compel woman to go veiled will be fined ($41,000) and serve a jail term.

Many Muslims believe the new law is one more blow of stereotype to France's government and risks raising the level of Islamophobia in the country.

However, the vast majority behind the measure say, it will preserve the nation's singular values and identity.

France will be the first European country to pass such law despite many countries were facing against it.

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