Chinese students fight for access to sex education

Written by: Nairita Das
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New Delhi, Sept 15 (ANI): Students in China are said to be fighting to gain access to extracurricular courses on sexual health.

Students at Nanjing Normal University (NNU) demanded that the courses be provided, and those who attended enjoyed learning about and discussing topics related to sex, the China Daily reported.

At Nanjing University of Finance and Economics, the students were amused by the demonstration on how to put on a condom, in which a banana was used as a prop.

They also took part in courtship rituals and were taught how to start a healthy relationship without engaging in unsafe sex.

"We received practical information, such as reproductive health and the prevention of HIV/AIDS, which is necessary for single young people nowadays," the Yangtze Evening News quoted a NNU co-ed as saying.

In Shanghai, even younger children have been targeted. In August last year, a sex education camp for those aged between 8 and 13 tried to answer questions such as "Where do I come from?" for its curious participants.

Although the program received a cold reception in the city, where members of only 18 families applied to attend, it led to lively public debate and raised awareness of sex education among many Chinese parents.

Chinese health and education experts have been calling for a shift in the focus of sex education from married couples to single youths, most of whom suffer from a lack of knowledge because Chinese parents are too reluctant, or embarrassed, to teach their children about sex. (ANI)

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