Blair, like most politicians, 'reached end of his shelf life', says psychologist

Written by: Samyuktha
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London, Sept.15 (ANI): Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair's "Journey" took him on the classic path of politicians and other leaders who reach the end of their "shelf life", a psychologist has claimed.

Like many others before him, Blair initially soared to popularity and success, but in the end became increasingly isolated and out of touch with his "group" and the electorate, they claim.

According to the Scotsman, experts now say that his decline underlined new thinking about the nature of leadership, highlighting the importance of relationship building and sensitivity.

Professor Stephen Reicher, of the University of St Andrews, said:

"One of the things that often happens is that leaders have a trajectory over time. Often early on, they're very attentive to their group, and they're successful. Because they're successful, they attribute that to themselves. They start thinking, 'I know better than the group' and I'm only accountable to myself, and possibly to my God."

"Then, they make decisions which possibly are at odds with the way their group thinks, and they end up isolated and they end up unsuccessful," he adds.

"I think it's a characteristic of leadership. Leadership has a shelf life," Professor Reicher said. (ANI)

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