Arctic fox joins polar bear on endangered species list

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London, Sep 14 (ANI): Arctic foxes are the new entry in the list of animals that are facing extinction due to global warming.

The US Center for Biological Diversity (CBD) has claimed 17 Arctic animals are at risk from the melting ice.

"The polar bear is the best-known victim of rapid melting in the Arctic, but if we don't slash greenhouse pollution, many more creatures will follow it down the path to extinction," the Telegraph quoted Shaye Wolf, the lead author of the report, as saying.

"Some Arctic species have already experienced widespread die-offs and population declines after losing key habitats and food sources; others face extreme weather events or suffer new pressure from predators and pathogens moving northward," she said.

The CBD is also afraid these animals could be in danger if drilling for oil goes ahead in the area.

The 17 species in danger of climate change according to the new report are as follows:

Arctic fox

Polar bear

Pacific walrus

Four species of ice sea - ringed, bearded, harp and ribbon Four species of whale - grey, beluga, bowhead and narwhal Sea butterfly Three species of seabirds - Kittlitz's murrelet, spectacled eider and ivory gull Caribou/reindeer Musk ox (ANI)

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